What is the real standard for the presence of god?

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One has been asked to validate the condition of the presence of the notion of God against the standard of presence for the notion of real. This implies both that a standard for the idea of real exists and that it is known. This is asking to confirm the condition of presence of a real physical entity contrary to that exact same standard used to assess the notion of God. Since the survival of biological life forms depends upon their intake of bodily things. All biological life forms have a sensing mechanism by which they become conscious of the physical demands of the survival and to which they react in order to acquire those requirements. A need is defined as a state of existence  based on a things nature  which is needed for its survival. A thing that satisfies a survival demand is known as a value.

is God real

A survival value; then, is recognized by the beneficial effect it has on the life span of a biological being. If no advantage arises no significance stinks. The elements of a survival value that let it be felt are the characteristics of or the truth of its own physical characteristics. Facts are identified either by their direct physical stimulation of the sense organ extensions of a mind or by interrogating their influence on other physiological facts. Facts are absolutes, meaning that their identity is consistent with fact.

 All facts such as their associated connections are known as being real things. A simple fact is a physical element of nature; its characteristic is a psychological present resulting from abstraction. Attributes are the mental facets of a things physical presence. An act of identification is the act of abstracting data from fact; its product is an attribute. Abstraction is the psychological focusing of a mind by its thoughts for the purpose of identifying the truth which its mind is observing a simple fact represents is God real. When asked to assess the true state of existence of something or of an idea it is the truth of reality that eventually becomes the final arbiter. Reality is not a place or something; it is a state of existence. If a thing fulfills the definition of the idea of fact it is a true physical gift; and the characteristic abstracted from it is an actual mental existent.


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